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Introduction »Milliput» Milliput standart, yellow-grey


Milliput standart, yellow-grey




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Standard Yellow-Grey Milliput


Standard Milliput is our general purpose grade - it has been used for many years for the toughest tasks.

Typical applications:

  • Filling dents and scores in metal, plastics or woods
  • Repairing water and fuel systems
  • Caulking, filling and sealing on fiberglass, metal and wooden boat decks and hulls
  • Modelmaking
  • Jewellery making
  • Sculpting
  • Picture frame restoration
  • Plumbing repairs
  • Underwater applications
  • Temporary repairs for car petrol tanks, batteries, radiators and exhausts.


"Milliput Standard has saved The Robert & Mary Ellis II Whitby Lifeboat (now called Highlander) thus helping preserve a wonderful part of Britain’s maritime history. Without Milliput for the repairs, required after several incidents with logs breaching the boat, it would have been far too expensive as it would have required a dry-dock repair. So thank you to Milliput for this fantastic product"
Sheila Clarke, Rotherham

"I am performing a steering conversion on an old 60s Chevrolet instrument carrier made of ABS plastic. After unsuccessful attempts using body filler, and racking my brain trying to find a better, more suitable product, I somehow found Milliput. This great product not only gave me plenty of curing time to form into shape, I was able to change it's viscosity using just water. It's fine resolution gave a great finish at a tiny scale and it cured with plenty of strength and adhesion. Quite honestly, it saved the instrument carrier from a very sub-standard result. Great stuff!"
Steve Knight, Australia

I have been using Milliput for many years, maybe 25. It is an incredibly versatile material and very easy to use as it can be worked with water for modelling or press moulding. I recommend it for small detailed work or large pieces. It’s great!
Malcolm Poynter MA RCA

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