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Introduction »JIGS» Basic 7248


Basic 7248



Product no.: VMP001
EAN code: VMP001
Our price without Tax : 19.90 EUR
Our price including Tax (0 %):
19.90 EUR

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New upgraded jigs from VERTIGOfor scale 1/72  1/48 1/87 1/100

All improvements are based on the comments modelers from around the world

* stronger base and construction

* precision calibrations

* easy assembling

* anti-skid base with silicon ruber legs

* supports have wings profile

* clamping for work on the side of the model with both hands free

* you need minimal glue

* you assembling to 10 minutes

* you can supply the upgrade kit for Basic and Evo 7248 - VMP009 ..if you bay your jigs upgrade to jigs for biplane with full geometry

for your models

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