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Setting full geometry model. Precision bonding wings.

Better, stronger, anti-skid base, precision, easy assembling.

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Goods name Price
AFV jigs
Our price 42.00 EUR img
EVO 7248
Our price 24.90 EUR img
EVO BI 7248
Our price 34.90 EUR img
EVO 3224
Our price 29.90 EUR img
EVO BI 3224
Our price 39.90 EUR img
Upgrade set Basic+EVO for 7248
Our price 18.00 EUR img
Upgrade set Basic+EVO for BI 7248
Our price 13.90 EUR img
Upgrade set Basic+EVO for 3224
Our price 19.90 EUR img
Upgrade set Basic+EVO for BI 3224
Our price 13.90 EUR img
transport holder
Our price 6.50 EUR img
Photo jigs for airplane
Our price 9.90 EUR img
JETS 3248
Our price 39.90 EUR img